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Auto insurance gives you the protection in case of an accident and cover damages for the car and injuries that includes you and your passengers. 

Car insurance is also mandatory if you decide to drive in Ontario. It protects you from uncertainties while operating a vehicle. It grants financial protection if you hurt someone while driving and provides financial support if you get injured and can’t go to work. It also covers theft while it is parked.

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Your home is one of the essential things in this world to protect.

In the event of a financial loss such as vandalism, fire, water damage, earthquake, and other unforeseen circumstances, you need home insurance to protect your investment.  It doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner or a renter. Get it protected inside and out including contents on any damages caused by any unexpected events, accidents, and natural calamities.  

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Home & Auto Package

Better discount and best pricing if you combine your home and auto as a package.

Combining your home and auto with one insurer will generate a discount that will lower both car and home premium as a package.

Condo / apartment renters

Protect your valuables when unforeseen calamity or accident occurs on the apartment or condo you’re renting.

Whether you own your condo or renting an apartment, you need home insurance to protect your belongings and valuables. You also need liability coverage in case you are sued for renting an apartment or owning or renting a condo.

Lifestyle and Leisure properties

RV recreational vehicle

Recreational Vehicle - RV

Referred and used interchangeably as a motorhome. Get covered from liability if you are held financially responsible for damages to another person, vehicle, or property. Other coverages include costs or destruction of the RV and stolen or lost personal property while you’re away or on vacation. Other inclusion on it is towing and roadside assistance.

boat sailing

Boat / Watercraft

Boat insurance will help cover a motorboat, sailboat or personal watercraft if it’s stolen, in an accident, or damaged by a covered hazard like fire or lightning. Boat insurance may also help protect you if you accidentally hurt someone or damage their property with your boat or watercraft.


All Terrain Vehicle - ATV

ATVs are not designed to be on-road similar to other vehicles, but you still require insurance if you own those. If you have an ATV in Ontario, there are situations that you will use it in public areas (such as roads, trails, and parking lots). Therefore, you need insurance for these vehicles, similar to owning a car.

cottage seasonal home

Seasonal Home / Cottage

Similar to homeowner’s policy, these kinds of policies offer broader coverage. It can be tailored according to your requirement and help ensure your cottage against any claim. If there are some special requirements regarding your cabin, this is the option you should consider. This type of insurance policy is more costly because it is closer or similar to your homeowner’s policies and offers comprehensive coverage. The right approach if you plan on renting your cottage throughout the year.

travel trailer

Travel Trailer

Also known as Towable RVs or Camper Trailer. It helps protect your recreational trailer against events or perils like collision, theft, damage, and more. It provides you protection against damage or loss to your belongings inside your caravan and its detached structures.

personal watercraft


Snowmobiles may be ridden 4-6 months per year, depending on your location and how the snow lasts. It must be covered for protection against any unexpected injury, damages, and third-party liability.  From touring, trailing/sport, utility, deep snow/mountain, crossover/hybrid, to performance, we can find a best-suited coverage to the type of snowmobile you drive and how you use it.

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