Years of Experience

I’m a licensed insurance broker in Ontario continuously for almost 20 years and work full-time in this field. I specialize in personal and commercial business insurance in the Greater Toronto Area. Having lived in the same area in Mississauga and Oakville, I’m well versed in every aspect of the surrounding towns. My experience in this area is a resource for business owners looking for insurance coverage. I have seen both the economy and population growth throughout the years in this field. New markets emerge, businesses expand and open new ones. So as the need to protect the owner’s assets from any liabilities, lawsuits, and comply with Ontario’s requirement for insurance coverage is becoming necessary. Every individual and business has unique situations and needs, and I can help find that right coverage from common to hard-to-place insurance. My goal is to find the best coverage at the lowest possible monthly premium. I can help and happy to be your consultant for life in insurance matters.

Prompt & Reliable Services

My service is A1, customer first! Being a licensed insurance broker, we are free to choose the best carrier for your insurance needs. Our brokerage house, Spriggs Insurance Brokers, partner and represent multiple insurance companies both for business and personal coverage needs. We work on your side when you have a loss, follow through to see that you get fair, prompt payment, and service. We represent a carefully selected group of financially stable, reputable, and top-rated insurance companies throughout Canada. Every business or personal situation is unique, so we are flexible in addressing what is best for the customer. We can offer you the best coverage at the most competitive price.

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